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These plans are highly TENTATIVE and useful solely to help people schedule their own travels. If, for example, you wish to fly into Halifax directly (rather than taking the cruise from Portland, Maine), you can simply come in on Saturday and leave Wednesday (or whenever). If these dates don’t work for you, please let me know as soon as possible.

August 13
Arrive in Boston.
Enjoy Boston.

August 14
Take 8 p.m. Ferry to Yarmouth (~$120-$350, depending on amenities)

August 15
Arrive 8 a.m. at Yarmouth.
Some people may fly into Halifax this day.
Visit Peggy’s Cove (as per image on front page).
Go out in Halifax at night.

August 16
Drive up to Cape Breton.
Go kayaking or canoeing if weather permits.
Camp overnight.

August 17
Drive back down to Halifax.
Explore a variety of fun things along the way.
Go kayaking.

August 18
Take 8 a.m. Ferry to Portland, if needed (~$110-$350, depending on what you want)

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4 Commentsto This Year’s Details

  1. Young May says:


  2. Carlos says:

    I’m not as cool as Daniel

    • Daniel says:

      I don’t appreciate your sarcasm. It’s not cool that I have been diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia.

  3. John Park says:

    I’m in! If we get 10 people for the boat we can get a group discount

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