You, too, could join in!

Famous person silhouetted for his own safety.

Everyone is invited. You, too, can come. And invite all of your friends. But expect to run into many awesome people. You could be the Bigfoot in this image!


Super Friend Bash is a group vacation. It is organized by two people, but really mostly Carlos. It started in 2010 with the goal of having awesome people do awesome things in awesome places. The philosophy is simple: You are invited. Your friends are invited. Their friends are invited. Just tell us you’re going to be at the selected place in the right dates and we will send you our itinerary. You can do the group activity or play it solo.

When? Where?

Every year we pick a new time and new place. In theory, people that have attended prior SFBs get precedence in deciding when/where we go (weighted by their frequency of attendance). But in reality, we just go wherever someone decides to organize one. This year we’re going to Nova Scotia, August 13-18. Contact us to suggest future locations.


Super Friend Bash originated from two themes: a desire to have an annual tradition with close friends and a frustration with our friends moving on in their lives. Let’s take these in turn:

“Worst. Tradition. Ever”

It began the last day of classes in high school, 2002. Three best friends decided to commemorate the passing into a new stage of life. The most symbolic ritual we could imagine came from this episode of NBC’s hit show Just Shoot Me! Since we had to cross a mountain every day on the way to school, we thought it would be nice symbolism to get together every year and walk across it on foot. We had a party afterward the first year, but stopped doing that in subsequent years for some reason.

The walk was torture. It would take 4 hours of the hottest New Mexico sun that existed. But we kept doing it for seven years because we’re awesome. In 2009, we decided a change was in order. We couldn’t keep coming back to the same place, having a terrible time with a dwindling set of friends. Instead, we started a new tradition to have a great time in new places with as many friends as we could.

“Quit Making Something of Yourself, Dammit!”

The older we get, the more awesome people we meet. Sadly, these awesome people tend to do things with their lives. In the past, I tried to keep in touch with old friends by visiting them as often as I could. But then I would meet more awesome people that would live in harder to get to places… jerks.

So this idea was born. Instead of everyone spending money to go visit their friends and family, why not have all the friends and family spend money and go see each other. And as long as we’re doing that, why not make it in an awesome new place?

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