For 2013, we decided to visit our friend Jack in Hawai’i. Unfortunately, this never happened. Instead, a motley crew of other people rented a swanky beach house, hit up a luau, hiked a mountain, snorkled with sea turtles, got sea sick, and drank the night away. It was genuinely awesome.


Super Friend Bash 2013

May 7

Arrived via Delta 6814 at 5:12 p.m. Rented a van and checked in to awesome beach house. We bought a bunch of food, made dinner, and toured the island.

May 8

Picked up Daniel, and went out to the beach! Out to the major beach.

Cook out on the beach

May 9

Scale Waimea Canyon, saw a horsey that had a thing for Daniel.

Drinks out at night

May 10

We hit up a luau and did some shopping and relaxation

May 11

Cruise the Napali Coast, swam with sea turtles!

May 12

Invented a drinking game, saw Jurassic Park, and had a blast.

Drinks and dinner

May 13


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  1. Daniel says:

    Did you really have to mention the horse

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