sfb2014This schedule is tentative and open to refinement when the event approaches. That said, we find that having a written schedule is good for people who like having plans.


August 12 — Drive or fly down to Ft. Lauderdale & meet up at the condo.

August 13 — Go shopping

August 14 — Leave on the early ferry to the Bahamas. Buy a ticket on Groupon to save $150. We are confirmed on this ferry, so if you want to join us for the Bahamas, you should also buy this ticket now.

Arrive in the Bahamas and hit the beach. Have Bahama Mamas and whatever the native food of the Bahamas is.

August 15 — Bahamas!

August 16 — Take the ferry back to Fort Lauderdale, have a nice dinner

August 17 — At least one person must leave this day, but probably most people will begin leaving now.

We’re aiming to spend at least one weekend night in Miami and at least one weekday in the Bahamas.

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